IQ Robotics Motor Module
IQinetics’ Robotics Motor Module is a fully integrated motor and motor controller package. The module offers peak motor performance at an affordable cost, bringing smooth and precise motion to a wide range of robotics applications. This module is perfect for high torque, position-based applications, such as 3D printers, robotic arms, and biomedical devices.
Position and Speed Control
Anticogged motion (smooth & continuous)
Position control with tunable PID
​Precise to 0.022 degrees
Velocity control with tunable PID + feed forward
Spin between 0 and 28,000 RPM in either direction

Advanced, Unique Features
No stepping, so motor will never skip
Silent motion​
Multiturn capabilities

32-bit ARM Cortex MCU @64Mhz
Operating voltage 5-17 V DC
Output current 15 A
Handles up to 4S power​
2-4S LiPo
Telemetry capability (voltage, current, rpm)
Fast FET switching, use of gate drivers
Sensored vector control with space vector PWM​
Over-current protection
Controller-motor integration​

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