Fortiq BLS42: Advanced Servo Technology for Industrial Machinery & Robotics

IQ is excited to announce the launch of our newest line of servo motors, the Fortiq BLS42! They are now available for pre-order on our Crowd Supply page.

IQ offers commercial-grade modules for drone and robotics applications, and is eager to expand into the industrial machinery industry.

The Fortiq BLS42 was built to maximize torque and speed output, while minimizing motor vibration and footprint. It is around 55% more compact and 65% less expensive than traditional servos with similar torque and speed ratings. IQ hopes to democratize the servo industry by offering the same performance benefits as high end industrial servos at a price that is comparable to that of a quality stepper motor and controller.

The Fortiq BLS42 line is intended for industrial machinery and robotic device companies, research institutions, and individual makers. It can be used in a wide variety of applications from 3D printers to conveyor belts and robotic joints. With the 4 size options available, each with a different torque rating, the Fortiq will enable backers to build a wide range of machines.

IQ’s Fortiq motors are able to maximize torque and decrease cogging torque ripple by 90% due to their straight stack, straight magnet design and anti cogging algorithm, respectively. They are smoother and more efficient compared to steppers, and they’ll never skip a step or get lost.

IQ is excited to see industrial machines, robotic devices and maker projects take advantage of the Fortiq’s superior power density, precision, and smoothness.

Check out our campaign video for more information: