Fortiq BLS42: Conveyor Belt Use

Conveyor belt systems require smooth operation while carrying large inertial loads over long distances. Servo motors are ideal for this mechanism due to their consistent torque characteristics at low and high speeds. The Fortiq BLS42 is able to perform with high torque at low and high speeds while minimizing motor vibration. IQ’s ability to control both the speed and position of the motor makes it the ideal choice for conveyor systems and pulleys. When any external force causes the Fortiq to move position it is able to recover quickly and return back to its intended position. The Fortiq is also able to efficiently control speed by drawing less power when spinning (and while at rest) compared to a stepper motor in a conveyor belt. The combination of high efficiency, minimal vibration and noise, and precise speed and position control makes the Fortiq module perfect for eco-friendly, smart factories.

Check out our Anticogging demo to see the 90% reduction in cogging torque ripple, making for efficient conveyor systems!