Increasing Usable Mission Time by 25%

IQ increases motor-controller efficiency by 10% compared to standard solutions by using an innovative control method called Field Estimated Control (FEC). This boost in efficiency often results in a 10% increase in flight time. Normally, when a UAV is performing a mission, there is time dedicated to travelling out to the mission location, performing the mission, and travelling back to the original launch point. Additionally, it is necessary to maintain reserves so the vehicle does not run out of battery power mid-flight. So, in many cases, the UAV is only performing the actual mission for a surprisingly small portion of the flight. While every mission is different, a typical mission could look like this:

With IQ technology, operators can increase the total flight time by about 10%, as seen below.

However, that increase in flight time can be completely dedicated to the usable mission time!

For example, if your vehicle can fly for 20 minutes and the travel out time is ⅕ of the total flight time, the time to travel out to the mission site is 4 minutes. Since it will take the same amount of time to return to the launch point, the travel back time is also 4 minutes. You also want to have enough battery reserve to ensure your vehicle can continue to fly if the mission does not go as planned. Let’s say this reserve is another ⅕ of the total flight, or 4 minutes. That leaves just ⅖ or 8 minutes of the flight dedicated to the actual mission. IQ calls this Usable Mission Time.

With IQ’s technology, a vehicle that could previously fly for 20 minutes will gain an extra 2 minutes of flight time with a 10% increase in motor-controller efficiency. This extra time can go straight to the Usable Mission Time, increasing it from 8 minutes to 10 minutes, a 25% boost. This means UAV operators will be able to gather 25% more useful data on their missions, significantly increasing mission effectiveness and potentially reducing the number flights necessary to gather a certain amount of data.

Of course, every vehicle and mission is different, so you must do your own calculations on how much IQ’s technology will increase your Usable Mission Time. Regardless of the application, IQ is committed to creating the most efficient motor-controller package for commercial and defense UAVs!