IQ Custom Development Process

IQ Motion Control has stock products designed to work with common vehicle sizes. In some cases though, we don’t have a product that matches perfectly with a prospect’s vehicle, so we work with them on a motor and controller solution that meets their specific needs. To do this, we enter into a Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) agreement with our customer. The ultimate goal of the NRE is to make the ideal motor and controller solution for their vehicle, get the solution specced into the next generation of their vehicle, and move into mass production.

IQ can customize all aspects of the propulsion system from mechanical and electrical hardware to software and firmware. Custom projects can take anywhere from 3 months for small custom firmware jobs to 18 months for large, ground up projects. We provide timelines for deliverables to set expectations with our customers and keep the process as efficient as possible. We tend to meet with customers on a bi-weekly basis for updates and design reviews. Such projects are priced based on expected engineering time and materials, and payments are associated with milestones.

As IQ expands its product line, we expect to do fewer and fewer NREs because we’ll have more products that cover our customer base’s needs. IQ currently has four slots open per year for custom jobs, and IQ selects its partners based on the scope of the project and expected long term unit sales.


Sarah Baig

Marketing Coordinator

February 28, 2022