Vertiq 6806: Advanced Motor Technology for Commercial UAVs & Robotics

IQ Motion Control is excited to announce that we're launching our newest motor module, the Vertiq 6806, on October 6, 2020! The Vertiq 6806 is the first commercial-grade drone and robotics motor module in its class. Users will now be able to take advantage of IQ’s advanced calibration and control software in a more powerful package. These modules were designed for high performance aerial and robotic applications with strict space and weight requirements.

IQ technology allows users to gather important motor data and telemetry and use this information for preventative maintenance. Imagine being unable to monitor the health of your vehicle, such as your car not having a check engine light. In the drone market, motor and controller technology is still hobby-grade, the existing solutions don’t provide easy access to motor data. Hence, IQ Motion Control built a motor controller that can report both standard and advanced telemetry. Additionally, drone makers will be able to significantly improve the maneuverability of their vehicle. With IQ’s closed-loop motor control technology, UAVs will be able change directions, stabilize and brake 4x faster.

IQ testing the Vertiq 6806 prototype units with BFD!

The Vertiq 6806 was designed for drone propulsion, but with IQ’s position firmware they are also the ideal module for precision robotics applications. With our high torque and high performance you will be able to exercise precise, smooth control over these compact, lightweight motor modules to enable robotic arms, legs and much more!

Demo showcasing the Vertiq 6806's smooth motion, precision, and synchronization.