IQ VERTIQ 2306 220KV

Product Description:

The IQ Vertiq 2306 220KV is designed for low speed, high precision applications. This module has a tightly integrated motor and ESC with an embedded position sensor. With a position sensor and advanced calibration and control algorithms, we're able to drive the motor in a way that increases efficiency, torque output, and responsiveness. Knowledge of position also means the motor will never get lost or skip a step. IQ motors also output advanced telemetry for motor and machine health monitoring.

IQ VERTIQ 2306 220KV

Default Firmware:

IQ Position Firmware: Servo

Additional Firmwares:

IQ Position Firmware: Step/Direction

IQ Speed Firmware

IQ Pulsing Firmware


  • Position control with tunable PIDs & feed forward

  • Calibration: Anticogging & Encoder Linearization

  • Closed-loop positioning, never get lost or skip a step

  • Field Estimated Control

  • 3D reversible, no delay while crossing zero

  • No start-up jitter

  • Industry-leading response times

  • Regenerative & active braking

  • Fast FET switching, use of gate drivers

  • Built-in minimum jerk trajectory generator



  • Protocols: serial, servo, step/dir & more

  • Compatible flight controllers: Ardupilot and PX4


  • Sinusoidal commutation

  • Trapezoidal commutation


Hardware Features

  • Controller-motor integration

  • Embedded position sensor



  • Access to standard & custom telemetry

  • Over-current & over-voltage



IQ Vertiq 2306 Drawing v3.png