IQ VERTIQ 8108 150KV

Product Description:

The IQ Vertiq 8108 150KV is built for high performance commercial UAV and robotic applications. This extremely compact, lightweight module is designed for roboticists with strict space and weight requirements. With position sensing and advanced calibration and control algorithms, we're able to drive the motor in a way that increases efficiency, torque output, and responsiveness. IQ motors also output advanced telemetry for motor and vehicle health monitoring.


IQ VERTIQ 8108 150KV

Default Firmware:

IQ Speed Firmware

Additional Firmwares:

IQ Position Firmware: Servo

IQ Pulsing Firmware (contact us)

Thrust Data


  • Velocity & position control with tunable PIDs

  • Field Estimated Control

  • Anticogging & Encoder Linearization

  • 3D reversible, no delay while crossing zero

  • Industry-leading rise & response times

  • Regenerative & active braking

  • Active freewheeling

  • Fast FET switching, use of gate drivers



  • Protocols: serial, PWM, Dshot, servo & more

  • Compatible flight controllers: Ardupilot and PX4


  • Sinusoidal commutation

  • Trapezoidal commutation


Hardware Features

  • Controller-motor integration

  • Embedded position sensor



  • Access to standard & custom telemetry

  • Over-current & over-voltage



Vertiq 8108 Launch Drawing v2.jpg